Contact grills

Once you try the contact grill, we believe you will love it. This is because it is a faithful helper not only in the kitchen, but also on the terrace, in the gazebo or anywhere else where you will organize a proper barbecue. Their maintenance is very easy and a wide variety of dishes can be prepared on them - from vegetables to meat to panini. Thanks to two grill plates, you don't have to wait for turning, because it grills from both sides.

There is a large number of contact grills on offer, so we would like to help you at least a little with the selection. We will tell you how to choose a grill:

Grill surface size - consider whether you absolutely need the largest one on the market or whether a smaller one is enough for you

Performance - we offer from 700W to 2000W contact grills. Stick to the rule: the more power, the better.

Multifunctional grill - some grills contain several types of surfaces on which, in addition to grilling meat, you can make waffles, for example. It is offered, for example, by model ST/WA 1364 CB.

All our grills are made to make their maintenance and operation as easy as possible. They are therefore equipped with a number of accessories, which include, for example, a container for collecting excess fat.

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